The power of information technology

Projection-débat | 2001, l’Odyssée de l’Espace de Stanley Kubrick | Jeudi 7 mars à 8h30 à l’Ecal | Entrée libre, sans inscription

USA / 1968 / 2h29 / v.o. s-t fr. / 10 (14) 

Screening followed by a debate to explore the relationship between humans and computers, their seductive powers and how to keep them under control.

With Solange Ghernaouti, professor at UNIL (University of Lausanne) and international expert on cybersecurity and cyber defence, and Jacques Besson, psychiatrist specialised in addiction to technology.

Workshop with Nathan Stornetta

Thursday march 7th at 2 pm at EJMA | Free entry without registration

The workshop is open to musicians interested in film scoring. The scoring process will be analysed: image reading, spotting, collaboration with the director, model programming, orchestration, recording, production and mixing. This through concrete examples and Nathan Stornetta’s personal experience.


Nathan Stornettais a Swiss drummer and composer, trained at EJMA. He also graduated from the Royal College of Music in London with distinction. In 2012 he joined renowned film composer Hans Zimmer in Los Angeles, with whom he worked on projects such as The Little Prince as a composer. One of his soundtracks for a Puy du Fou (France) creation was awarded Best New Creation 2018 at the THEA Awards in Los Angeles.

When science fiction gives in to reality

Film + debate | Soylent Green | Friday march 8th at 9 am at Ecal

Free entry without registration

USA / 1973 / 1h37 / v.o. s-t fr./ 12 (14) 

Soylent Green depicts a dystopian future for earth and humanity, where the planet’s resources are pushed too far resulting in suffering from pollution, poverty, overpopulation and depleted resources. This scenario, envisioned around forty years ago, was adapted from a 1966 novel. Soylent Green could be our reality in the not so distant future, leading us to reflect on how humanity has become a victim its own shortcomings.

Jennifer Murzeauis an author. She has published three novels in which she explores the excesses of our times, reflecting on alienation and freedom. Her latest novel, La désobéissante(2017, Robert Laffont), examines the misdeeds of our civilisation by imagining Paris in 2050. In her upcoming book, La vie dans les bois, to be published in April by Allary Editions, she addresses the forgotten link between humans and nature, spending eight days living in trees, with a hammock, a bag of rice and a knife.

Laurent Le Forestieris professor at UNIL’s department of History and Aesthetics, vice-president of AFRHC (Association Française de Recherche en Histoire du Cinéma), and editorial secretary of “1895 History of Cinema Review. His research focuses on the history of critique (La Transformation Bazin,PUR, 2017). Among other things, he is currently working on films focusing on ecological issues from the 1970s.

Her Point of View

Women in production

Friday march 8th at 11:45 am at the Auditorium Tschumi, EHL | Free entry without registration

Panel discussion with Sandrine BRAUER, Caroline BONMARCHAND, Judith NORA, Marie-Ange LUCIANI and Marie MASMONTEIL

In partnership with the Women’s Business Society and the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, this panel discussion will bring together film producers and students from the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. It will be moderated by the Women’s Business Society. The discussion will focus on the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in the film industry. Participation by the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne’s female students aims to highlight the issues faced by young women entrepreneurs in all areas of business, from hotel management to the film industry.

Children’s session

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs | Cultural Mediation by Chloé Hofmann (CEC)

Friday march 8th at 9:30 am at the Casino de Montbenon, Paderewski | Free admission upon reservation by emailing: sophie.dascal@r7al.ch, specifying the number of students attending the session.

USA / 1937 / 1h23 / French version / 6 (8)

Walt Disney’s first colour and sound animated feature film was an international success. It brought together a host of technical and artistic innovations: highly expressive and humane characters, a detailed and richly colourful set in Technicolor and an incredibly realistic depth-of-field. Not to mention its bewitching soundtrack. When it was released, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs won the Grand Prix at the Venice Mostra (1938) and an Oscar of honour in 1939… accompanied by seven little statuettes!


Cultural mediation
We will introduce the screening with a discussion about gender, using examples from selected scenes. This short mediation provides teachers with an opportunity to discuss the issue of stereotypes with their students. The aim is to invite them to reflect on the representation of men and women in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and how the film has contributed to a standardised interpretation of femininity and masculinity about which it seems important to question ourselves.


Chloé Hofmann, head of scientific mediation at UNIL’s film studies centre, is a researcher, mediation facilitator at the Pully Art Museum and member of the organising committee of the Vevey International Funny Film Festival.

Conversation with Leïla Slimani

Kering – Women in Motion

Saturday march 9th at 11 am, Beau-Rivage Palace, Suite Lavaux | admission upon reservation by emailing: presse@r7al.ch – FULL


Women in Motion sets out to showcase the contribution of women to the film industry, whether in front of the camera or behind it. Launched in 2015 by Kering, in partnership with the Cannes Film Festival, Women in Motion is now expanding to film events world-wide, including Sundance and Think Cinema Lausanne. After welcoming Rossy de Palma in 2018, Women in Motion is delighted to welcome acclaimed journalist and writer Leïla Slimani.

Conversation with Leïla Slimani

Paul Auster

Author’s Panel

From the novel to the screen

Sunday march 10th at 12 am at The Jan Michalski Foundation, Montricher | Admission CHF 10, upon reservation by emailing: tableronde@fondation-janmichalski.ch – FULL

Moderated by Isabelle Falconnier (journalist) and Alain Boillat (UNIL professor) | With Paul Auster, Jean-Paul Rappeneau, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Maylis de Kerangal, David Foenkinos and Olivier Guez

Some have gone from writing to directing to adapt their own novels; others are not authors but have successfully adapted monuments of literature to film; others have collaborated in the adaptation of their works to the big screen.

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